GRAYHOUND- A unique experience!

Grayhound Ventures offers you the unique experience to sail on a traditional 18th Century Lugger.
Join us on the Grayhound for unforgettable adventures and to help contribute to a greener way of thinking, traveling and transporting cargo, all while experiencing sailing in it’s truest form. A real working, sailing, team building holiday that will both challenge you and give you new skills.

Meanwhile enjoy our new teaser for a sail with Grayhound:

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The vision

The Grayhound was built to offer environment friendly charter, and minimal carbon footprint cargo shipping on a classic sailing ship, and this will of course continue to be the most important component in the future adventures of the Grayhound.
Wille’s and Oskar’s background in preforming arts and culture will also form an important part of the next chapter of the Grayhound. We will create projects and events of our own, but also be a part of festivals and support other projects in different ways.
The dream that brought us to the Grayhound was born in Greenland, and one of our main goals is to return there.
We will offer the chance to explore the Scandinavian west coast and the Arctic sea, in the footsteps of great adventurers like Ronald Amundsen, Fritjof Nansen and Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld. 

Environment friendly

We offer offer environment friendly, hands on sailing voyages, and a way to venture in the footsteps of great adventurers.

Carbon Footprint

We can provide ‘minimal carbon footprint’ cargo shipping on a traditional 18th Century Lugger.


Join us on an adventure along the Scandinavian west coast, the Caribbean or Arctic sea.

Our Expeditions

Due to the change of ownership, the Grayhound did not sail with any passengers the past season. In the fall of 2020 we will publish an exciting new schedule for the season 2021 and start to accept bookings. Please keep a lookout for our updated website with an exciting 2021 expedition plan.

“10 days of pure joy, fun and learning! A true adventure that I recommend anyone to do!” -Christian Wilse

Cover for Grayhound Lugger Sailing
Grayhound Lugger Sailing

Grayhound Lugger Sailing

Adventure sailing experiences & low carbon cargo delivery.

5 hours ago

Grayhound Lugger Sailing

We have now started hollowing out the two half's of the yard. When the two half's are glued together we will have saved a lot of weight, and will win a lot of precious hoisting seconds when the customs show up... ... See MoreSee Less

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4 days ago

Grayhound Lugger Sailing

The work with the new yard continues. In order to facilitate the communication during the build we have now named all the different prices. They are now called: Bertha, Elsa, Hans, Gustaf, Fish and Curt. We hope this will make the work easier and that the other carpenters at the shipyard will do a better job at laughing behind our backs without us noticing. ... See MoreSee Less

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6 days ago

Grayhound Lugger Sailing

The work on our new foreyard continues! Since it's more than 9 meters long, we have to make scarfs in all the 6 pieces that will later be glued together to make the full length. ... See MoreSee Less

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7 days ago

Grayhound Lugger Sailing

We're making a brand new foreyard! Today we're taking measurements from the old yard at Chantier Naval Pleine Mer. ... See MoreSee Less

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1 week ago

Grayhound Lugger Sailing

Goodmorning Douarnenez! This week we will start the work with building a new foreyard. Follow the process here! ... See MoreSee Less

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