Join us on the Grayhound for unforgettable adventures and to help contribute to a greener way of thinking, traveling and transporting cargo, all while experiencing sailing in it’s truest form.  A real working, sailing, team building holiday that will both challenge you and give you new skills.

A three-masted Lugger

The Ship

The Grayhound is a 5/6th scale replica of a three masted Customs Lugger from 1776. She a Category 0 sailing passenger ship for ocean sailing.

The people onboard

The Crew

In 2020 the ownership of the Grayhound passed to Wille Christiani and Oskar Hejll.

Eco-friendly and sustainable

The Vision

The Grayhound was built to offer environment friendly charter, and minimal carbon footprint cargo shipping on a classic sailing ship.

Due to the change of ownership, the Grayhound will not be sailing with any passengers during this season. In the fall of 2020 we will publish an exciting new schedule for the season 2021 and will start to accept bookings. Please keep a lookout for our new homepage and itinerary.

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