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Before booking

Please read our FAQs and Terms & Conditions for vital information before making a booking with us.

Day Sails

You, your family and your friends are welcome! Day sails are for all ages. Leave at 10.00am and return to the same port at 5.00pm. Take part in fun tasks; learn how to sail a traditional 18th-century tall ship; enjoy a meal at sea… perhaps a swim or some songs. We might even fire a cannon.

Islands, and coastal exploration: 3-7 days

Sail between islands, or in and out of coastal bays. Sailing close to land is a fantastic way to learn how to control a traditional tall ship. It is hands-on and demanding to navigate through the Scilly Isles, the Stockholm Archipelago or along the coast of Brittany.

After a hard day’s sailing we might drop anchor in a calm bay, row to shore and enjoy a BBQ on the beach.

You will sometimes be part of a watch team, working in four-hour shifts, including through the night. 

A race between two ships: 3-7 days

The Croisière en escadre is a friendly competition with another classic sailing vessel. It is a race, but you will switch between vessels so that you learn from both crews.

During the day it will be intensive, classic sailing. At night you can relax and enjoy delicious meals with the guests and crews of both ships.     

Smugglers’ Runs: 4-30 days

Deliver cargo with us! Contribute to a sustainable shipping network. Sail for many days across big seas. You will not get closer than this to the working life of a traditional, commercial tall ship. Our ethical cargos include wine, beer, clothes and dry goods. Help us load and unload the cargo by hand. If it is food or drink, you will have a chance to taste it!

This is full-on, intensive sailing. You need to be physically fit and mentally resilient. You will be part of a watch team working in four-hour shifts to run and maintain the ship.

The camaraderie on a Smugglers’ Run is amazing. There are lots of challenges and plenty of laughs.

Challenge levels  

As you consider the voyages… keep an eye on the little anchors – they give you an idea of how physically demanding a voyage is.

SymbolChallenge level
Easy. Any fitness level and age is suitable. Example voyage: a Day Sail.
You will move all around the ship, including belowdecks. You will need to pull on ropes to adjust the rigging. Example voyage: a 2-3 day round trip by the coast or into fjords.
You will do all of the above. In addition you will take part in 4-hour ‘watches’ (day and night) in which your watch-team will run and maintain the ship. Example voyage: multi-day trips of various types.
All of the above. In addition you will need good ‘core strength’ and balance so that you can move confidently around the ship during storms. You will very likely have to lift heavy weights. Example voyage: a Smugglers’ Run delivering cargo.
Demanding. You’ll need to be fully fit and strong. You will do all of the tasks above. In addition you will need deep resilience. In a very stormy sea you need to be ready to give your whole self: mind, body and spirit. Example voyage: sailing to or from the Azores.

Some areas of ocean are fierce. For particular voyages we need to know that we have a very fit and strong crew. Other voyages are more relaxed.

In voyages that last more than one day, you will contribute to all aspects of life on board. This fully committed sailing creates amazing memories!

What is included?

For all our voyages (including day sails) you will be provided with wet weather gearlife jacket and food on board. We do not supply waterproof footwear. Please see the FAQ page for further details about footwear, clothing, bags, and other items to bring.

If you are staying with us for more than one day, we will give you bed linen, three nutritious and healthy meals per day, new skills, an unforgettable experience, and a calm mind! 

Please read our FAQs and Terms & Conditions before you make a booking.

We had the most awesome day-trip… The crew was fantastic, the activities, canon firing, storytelling, food, all was wonderful. If you’re up for a ‘one-of-a-kind’ adventure, this is the ship…:)

Nicolette Kozma, August 2022

…at all moments I felt so safe and guarded by these amazing people. They not only taught you to sail, but to be a part of the crew that feels like family in such a few days. Totally recommend the experience!

Marisol Garcia, June 2022


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