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    Passport Details

    Please provide your passport information below.

    Emergency Contact Details

    Please provide contact details of somebody not travelling with you who can be contacted in case of an emergency. If you are under 18 this must be a parent or guardian.

    Health and Medical Information

    It is your responsibility to make known any medical conditions that may affect you during the activities associated with the voyage you will be taking part in.
    Please provide as many details as possible. This information will be kept confidential on a ‘need to know’ basis.

    For practical safety purposes:
    Can you climb a 2 meter rope ladder + board in and out of a dinghy (1 meter from dinghy to ship in a swell)?

    Medical conditions:

    Dietary Requirements

    Remember we do not cater for fad diets and extreme dietary conditions. We are not a restaurant and while we will do our best to cater for your needs, there are limits. We will not buy special foods to cater for you, you must bring your own alternatives with you for the cook.

    Additional info

    Anything you think we have missed to ask? Anything you want us to know?


    • I declare that the information on this form is correct.
    • I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions (Opens in a new window)
    • I accept that water sports might be hazardous by nature and that I am phsycially fit to take part in sailing activities.
    • I confirm that I will comply with all safety regulations as requested by the crew of Grayhound.
    • I give permission for any emergency treatment to be administered by qualified crew member during my voyage.

    If you you agree to the above, then write your name here:

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