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A lugger is a sailing vessel defined by its rig, using the lug sail on all of its one or several masts. They were widely used as working craft, particularly off the coasts of France, England, Ireland and Scotland. Luggers varied extensively in size and design. Many were …

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A strange voyage

Our favourite place, the Isles of Scilly. As a family we love our summers here. Mucking about in rowing gigs, beach cooking, foraging, exploring, relaxing and being peaceful with nature. Join us with your children and be part of great company, singing, conversation, group walks, swimming, yoga and …

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A test of things

It’s different depending on which voyage you’re on. Everything she cooks is homemade and using regional produce wherever possible. If you’re on a Sailing Voyage cruising around the West Country or Brittany then it’s things like seafood pasta, fresh fish pie, beautiful salads, roasted veggies, curries, roasts, quiches …

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