Unique events

Let us host your wedding or significant birthday, or scatter your loved one’s ashes at sea. Tell us your other ideas for events.

Whatever the occasion, we are highly experienced at creating beautiful experiences. We will listen to what you need.

Shipowners Wille and Oskar are stage professionals who have organised many large-scale circus, TV and film productions all over the world. Nothing is too big.  

Private expeditions

Perhaps you dream of a private adventure? We will take you to the ends of the earth.

There is no limit to where Grayhound can sail. She is licensed to sail anywhere in the world, in any weather. She is at home on the high seas. She also navigates in and out of fjords and rivers with ease; and her back-up engine allows her to manoeuvre in tight spaces. She operates with a small crew, which keeps your costs down.

Timeless travel

Grayhound is ancient and modern. Travel silently, and work efficiently.

You will hear your own thoughts; and you will not distract the marine and coastal life.

Sensitive equipment is stored securely. We provide work stations, with power points connected to a sound-insulated generator. Our satellite system provides Wi-Fi internet access and phone calls when needed. 

Grayhound Ventures is the most authentic sailing one can find. You’ll feel like sailing in a huge nutshell, dancing with the waves at the rhythm of the wind. I dream to do it as soon as time and life allows me to. Try it and you’ll see that my words are not enough.

Fernando Escribano Saez, June 2022
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