Wille Christiani and Oskar Hejll

Wille and Oskar became the new owners and guardians of Grayhound  in 2020. They bought her from Freya and Marcus Pomeroy-Rowden, who built her in Cornwall, UK in 2010-2012. 

In 2014 Wille and Oskar co-created a show called Toqqortat in Nuuk, Greenland, in collaboration with the National Theatre of Greenland and arts companies from Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Spain. Toqqortat performed to 8000 people over two nights and was the largest ever outdoor show in Greenland (watch the documentary).

There was great demand to deliver Toqqortat to other communities along the Greenland coast. The only way to do this is by ship… So Oskar and Wille began to look for a beautiful and unusual ship. Luckily they met Freya and Marcus who sold Grayhound to them. A new adventure began…

Their vision

Environmentally friendly adventures and cargo delivery, to the benefit of coastal communities worldwide.

Oskar and Wille and the Grayhound Ventures team welcome you on board for:

  • authentic sailing adventures
  • private events
  • private expeditions

Please note, all corporate bookings need to be arranged through our partners, Grayhound Shipping. Please visit Grayhound Shipping if you want to:

  • sail cargo worldwide
  • hold corporate and team-building events
  • discuss scientific and exploratory expeditions
  • feature Grayhound at your festival
  • hire Grayhound for film and TV

The Grayhound community believes in a sustainable world in which we learn from the past, live well in the present and care for the future. Grayhound enables this, and inspires all who step on board.

Grayhound Ventures and Grayhound Shipping are part of a large family of international companies who are changing world travel and trade.

Wille and Oskar

Wille Christiani holds a Deck Officer VIII qualification and a STCW-Manila Certificate. He has sailed all his life. He is a professional circus rigger, producer, writer and artist.

Wille runs the contemporary circus company, Burnt Out Punks – formerly Circus Arts AB – and has been the driving force behind many large projects. Burnt Out Punks has produced eighteen shows in sixteen countries for over one million people. It has also provided artists for thousands of festivals and corporate events around the world. Wille’s professional skills as a circus rigger are extremely valuable on Grayhound. He and Oskar often employ circus colleagues to join them at festivals and deliver amazing performances on Grayhound.  

Oskar Hejll has also sailed for many years in the Baltic Sea. In 1999 he founded the production company, Kompani Bastard, which specialises in bringing the past to life. Kompani Bastard has worked closely with Sweden’s National Heritage Board, Stockholm University and Gotland Museum.

Oskar performs and advises for TV and film. He is also a puppeteer and playwright. He is a long-time collector of maritime and historical curiosities, which he curates as Dr Cagliostro’s Cabinet of Curiosities. When Grayhound is at festivals, Oskar displays items from this collection – to the fascination and alarm of the public!

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