Terms and Conditions for Sailing on Grayhound 2023/24


Your booking is not secured until you have paid the invoice and we have received the funds. Please do not book any travel arrangements until you have received a booking confirmation from us.

When booking a voyage with Grayhound Ventures AB you agree to accept the voyage under the Terms and Conditions set out below. This contract is governed by Swedish law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Swedish Courts with regard to any claim, dispute or other matter arising in connection with the contract.

The following is included for each Sailing Guest: bedding and linen (not towels); food on board; use of the vessel’s oilskins (not footwear); all safety equipment; life jackets and harnesses; mooring and fuel costs.

The following is not included: any meals taken ashore, including any lunches if we are ashore during the journey; any tours ashore; alcohol; travel to and from the vessel (occasionally we have to take a water taxi); and personal travel insurance.

We aim to sail Grayhound as much as possible, taking into account the current and forecasted weather conditions, the ability of the combined guest and professional crew, and the waters we are sailing in. We endeavour to fulfil any reasonable requests that Sailing Guests may have; however, the Captain’s decision is final in all matters.


Ensure that the vessel will be under the command of a suitably qualified individual, supported by the necessary crew, in accordance with UK Maritime Law;

Ensure that all fire-fighting, life-saving and safety equipment on board Grayhound conforms to statutory requirements;

Ensure that all risk assessments and policies are up-to-date and reviewed regularly;

Announce the date, time and place for embarking and disembarking, in the online Passenger Portal; publish any changes within the ‘Notes’ in this portal; and announce these changes via email;

Cancel a voyage for any reason beyond its control – including, but not limited to, severe weather – where that reason may endanger the safety of the vessel and the crew; then issue a credit note but, otherwise, accept no liability whatsoever;

Refuse any booking for any reason when, in the opinion of Grayhound Ventures AB, that booking might affect or endanger the safety of Grayhound and of any person or persons on board;

Ensure that all Sailing Guests are properly briefed and trained before departure. This can take a varying amount of time depending on the group and the proposed route. The captain will not depart until he/she/they is/are satisfied that everyone is fully briefed and ready.

All of the undertakings above are for the welfare and safety of everyone on board.


Provide completed personal passenger details in the online Passenger Portal, at least 2 weeks before the voyage start date;

Notify Grayhound Ventures AB in writing of any change in personal medical conditions between the booking and the commencement of the voyage;

Accept the assigned berthing accommodation;

Arrange adequate travel insurance (see section below on insurance);

Follow any instruction or direction given by the Professional Crew members on board the vessel;

Adhere to safety regulations on board the vessel;

Respect the vessel and its equipment, and respect the professional crew and other Guest Crew;

Accept that each voyage is a hands-on sailing adventure; accept that you will be directly involved and will be given instructions for ship manoeuvres, handling the ship and daily tasks;

Ensure that all persons under the age of 18 have parental consent forms completed;

Accept that anyone who is 14 years old or younger, will be regarded as a passenger, not as a member of the Guest Crew;

Accept that whilst the Captain will do his/her/their best to fulfil your expectations and the voyage description, as advertised, Grayhound Ventures AB cannot be held responsible if these are not met, for whatever reason;

Acknowledge and agree that videos and photos you take on Grayhound can be used by Grayhound Ventures AB for any marketing promotions and social media;

A reasonable level of physical and mental fitness is required to sail on Grayhound, so if you or any of your party suffer from any medical conditions that might affect your or their physical or mental health and safety during the voyage – e.g., heart conditions, epilepsy, diabetes or psychological illness – or if you are on any medication that may be adversely affected by seasickness, you must disclose all such information to us at the time of booking. This information will be held in confidence by us until the completion of your voyage. If any person fails to disclose their condition this could result in them being put ashore for their own safety; and in this case we will not pay any refunds or be liable for any expenses incurred. Grayhound is not wheelchair accessible.


As a Sailing Guest, you understand that you must be covered by a comprehensive insurance policy. This policy must cover emergency costs including medical treatment, repatriation, and travel disruption.

Your travel insurance policy must give you financial protection if you have to cancel or curtail your holiday. It must cover any medical or transport costs, and loss or damage to baggage. If you have annual travel insurance or cover with your credit or debit card, please check your policy carefully to make sure it covers sailing/cruising/yachting and, in particular, sailing more than 60 nautical miles from shore.

Accidents or injuries directly attributable to Grayhound or her Professional Crew are covered by Grayhound Ventures AB’s Liability Insurance. Liability may have to be proved.

Should you miss embarkation because your transportation to Grayhound is cancelled or late, or for any reason including the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, and if the voyage still goes ahead, the voyage fee will not be refundable by Grayhound Ventures AB. You must make sure this situation is covered by your insurance provider.

Please check that your insurance policy covers you for eventualities arising from the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

If you have a positive test for Covid 72 hours before embarkation, you will only be offered a transfer credit for the value of the trip – valid for 12 months.


Sailing can be a particularly dangerous activity in rough weather; and rough weather may be encountered at any time during any voyage. Grayhound Ventures AB is not liable for: any damage to, or loss of, your personal effects; any personal injury to you as a consequence – direct, indirect or economic – of, or in connection with, the specified voyage.

The Captain and Professional Crew of Grayhound have no responsibility for the failure of the vessel to complete the voyage or scheduled programme, whether due to severe weather, mechanical breakdown whilst at sea or any other reason beyond the control of Grayhound Ventures AB or any person for whom Grayhound Ventures AB is legally responsible.

Any information we collect about you will be used carefully, lawfully and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We hope to sail with you soon!

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