Terms and conditions for sailing on Grayhound 2021

To make a booking fill out the online booking form on our website. We will then email you to confirm that we have received your booking request, and we you will send you an invoice.

Your booking is not secured until we have received the funds. Please do not book any travel arrangements until you have received a booking confirmation pack. This email will include three PDF files: your Welcome letter explaining what happens next; our Terms & Conditions again and your Joining notes. Please save these files for your future reference.

All customers (except Swedish) must pay in Euros. The customers pays any potential transfer fee.

Signing online digitally the medical declaration form and booking form confirms your agreement to all our terms and conditions.

Grayhound Lugger reserves the right to refuse any applicant considered unsuitable without giving an explanation.

Danger – You understand that sailing can be a dangerous activity, particularly in rough weather, which can be encountered at any time of year on any voyage.

In the unlikely event that we are forced to cancel a voyage due to unusual and unforeseen circumstances beyond our control (Force Majeure) we will endeavour to offer an alternative voyage at a mutually agreeable date. If we have to cancel a voyage due to any other reasons, e.g. mechanical failure, then we will give you your choice of a full refund or an alternative voyage. In all cases our liability is limited to offering a refund only up to the amount paid to us and we will have no further liability to you in respect of consequential economic loss to you.

Grayhound Lugger reserves the right to make necessary amendments to any voyage with regards to start/end destinations or planned itinerary. In the unlikely event of any changes, we will endeavour to contact you at the earliest opportunity. All decisions of any amendments will be made by the Skipper and no refunds or liability will be accepted by Grayhound Lugger. The company will not be responsible for any cost of travel due to such a situation arising.

All changes of voyages or crew are subject to availability and at our discretion. All changes will incur a €60 amendment fee. A change of voyage cannot be made less than 12 weeks before your voyage departure.

Your safety is our primary concern. Grayhound is equipped with safety gear in excess of that required by law, and is run by highly experienced and qualified crew. You will receive a full safety briefing at the start of the voyage. You must agree to abide fully by with the instructions of the skipper and permanent crew.

A reasonable level of physical and mental fitness is required to sail on Grayhound, so if you or any of your party suffer from any medical conditions that might affect your or their physical or mental health and safety during the voyage, e.g. heart conditions, epilepsy, diabetes or psychological illness, or if you are on any medication that may be adversely affected by seasickness, you must disclose all such information to us at the time of booking. This information will be held in confidence by us until the completion of your voyage. Failure to disclose a condition could result in the affected crew being put ashore for their own safety. In this case we will not be liable for any refunds or expenses incurred. Grayhound is not wheelchair accessible.

We aim to sail Grayhound as much as possible, taking into account the weather conditions at the time and forecasted, the ability of the crew and the waters we are sailing in. We will endeavour to fulfil any reasonable requests the voyage crew may have, however in all matters the skippers decision is final.

The following is included: bedding and linen (not towels) for each member of the voyage crew; food on board; use of the vessel’s oilskins (not footwear); all safety equipment; life jackets and harnesses; mooring and fuel costs.

The following is not included; any meals taken ashore, including any lunches if we are ashore during the journey; any tours ashore; alcohol; travel to and from the vessel (occasionally we have to take a water taxi) and personal travel insurance. In addition we require that you to pay for one evening meal out per week where it is physically possible.

Grayhound is covered by professional insurance that includes third party liability. This does not cover you for any personal travel insurance, or for any loss or damage to your property not attributable to our negligence or defects in the vessel. You must take out your own personal travel insurance to cover, as a minimum; medical and personal accident expenses, and loss of and damage to personal effects. This policy must also cover sailing over 12 Nautical Miles offshore, and voyage cancellation. If you are joining us on an Atlantic circuit voyage, ehn you are applying for your insurance you must state that you are ocean sailing, and specify your start and finish ports. The policy must cover where you are sailing. We will require you to show us your insurance policy before you board.

We offer our customers 10% off Topsail Insurance policies.

If you are an international customer and cannot use Topsail , please ask for more information.

Call Topsail on +44 (0) 1273 57 37 27 or click here to go to the Topsail website and find out which policy suits you. The discount code will be given in your booking confirmation pack.

By signing our booking form you are agreeing for your email address to be added to our mailing list. We send out two or three newsletters a year to tell you about our latest schedule. You can unsubscribe at any time. We only use the information we collect about you carefully, lawfully and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We look forward to sailing with you! See you when you board!

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