The crew

The people on the ship

The crew

In 2020 the ownership of the Grayhound passed to Wille Christiani and Oskar Hejll. A change that is not to be taken lightly. Marcus and Freya Pomeroy-Rowden has built the Grayhound and developed the amazing business around her. They know every inch of the ship and have created a huge international “family” that love and support her. The new owners will work hard to earn the trust of all these people, but also to start writing a new chapter in the history of the Grayhound.

Wille and Oskar comes from a different world than what you would expect from someone getting into the shipping business. Even though they have a lot of things to learn in this new world, parts of it is very familiar.

Wille has been sailing all his life and has been the driving force behind countless enormous projects. Wille is a circus artist, rigger, producer and writer, but also a skilled constructor, woodworker, metalworker and inventor. He has been touring Europe for twenty years with his fire circus The Burnt Out Punks and has been preforming for hundreds of thousands of people. Wille is known to be able to fix anything with stubbornness and a bent screwdriver.

Oskar is a puppeteer and a performer who has been working with everything from children’s television to opera. He is also a playwright and a published writer. Oskar is a over enthusiastic collector of strange things and often describes his work as “storytelling with objects”. He travels as much as he can to gather new stories about strange sea creatures, forgotten myths and magical artifacts.

The idea of owning a ship and sailing the high seas was born during a project in Greenland called Toqqortat in 2014. Wille was one of the driving forces behind the largest outdoor show in Greenlandic history, and the idea of trying to create a touring version of the show for the entire Greenland coast finally brought Oskar and Wille to Douarnenez and The Grayhound. Now the rest of the adventure is about to begin.

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