• Entire Cross Atlantic Adventure
    Join Grayhound on this epic 48-day Atlantic Crossing, passing by Madeira, Canaries and Cape Verde!
    Dec 12 - Jan28
    Portimão, PortugalCastara Bay, Tobago
    € 8950
  • Southern Breeze Sail
    Join GRAYHOUND on an Atlantic passage to the Canary Islands
    Dec 12 - 23
    Portimão, PortugalLas Palmas, Gran Canaria, Gran Canaria
    Last minute WInter Discount - Run away to the sun!
    € 2850€ 2423
  • Cape Verde & Trans Atlantic passage
    Join Grayhound and embark from Canary Islands on a sail adventure of 2500 Nm on the Atlantic Ocean, exploring Cap Verde on the way.
    Dec 27 - Jan28
    Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Gran CanariaCastara Bay, Tobago
    € 6350
  • Canary to Cape Verde adventure sail
    Celebrate New Years on board Grayhound under the stars far out in the Atlantic!
    Dec 27 - Jan06
    Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Gran CanariaMindelo, São Vincente
    € 2550
  • Cross Atlantic Adventure
    Set sail on a thrilling transatlantic sail, where we'll navigate by the stars, embrace the open sea, and discover the hidden gem of Tobago. Join us for an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime!
    Jan 12 - 28
    Mindelo, São VincenteCastara Bay, Tobago
    € 3950
  • Caribbean Exploration I - Tobago to St Lucia
    Live your Caribbean dream onboard Grayhound and explore the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea!
    Feb 13 - 18
    Castara Bay, TobagoSt Lucia, St Lucia
    € 1380
  • Caribbean Exploration II - St Lucia to St Lucia
    Explore the beauty of the Caribbean islands onboard Grayhound as we island hop around!
    Feb 21 - 26
    St Lucia, St LuciaSt Lucia, St Lucia
    € 1380
  • Caribbean Dive Expedition - Sailing in St. Lucia
    Explore the beauty of the Caribbean islands both above and under water!
    Feb 28 - Mar04
    St Lucia, St LuciaSt Lucia, St Lucia
    € 1850
  • Caribbean Exploration IV - St Lucia– Guadeloupe
    Explore the beauty of the Caribbean islands from St Lucia to Guadeloupe onboard Grayhound!
    Mar 06 - 12
    St Lucia, St LuciaGuadeloupe, Guadeloupe
    € 1610
  • Cross Atlantic Return to Azores
    Welcome onboard Grayhound for a long deep-sea Ocean Passage across the Atlantic to the Azores
    Mar 18 - Apr09
    Guadeloupe, GuadeloupeHorta, Azores, Azores
    € 4370
  • Friendcation x Grayhound - Azores Sail adventure
    A sail adventure through the Azores, where nature's beauty and maritime tradition converged in a timeless voyage of discovery.
    Apr 15 - 21
    Horta, Azores, AzoresHorta, Azores, Azores
    € 1350€ 0
  • Biscay Crossing & Pasaia Festival Sail
    Embark on a timeless maritime adventure, sailing from the Azores to the vibrant Pasaia Itsas Festibala in Northern Spain, and let the wind carry you to a world of unforgettable beauty and seafaring tradition.
    Apr 25 - May08
    Horta, Azores, AzoresPasaia, Spain
    € 2750
  • Biscay Passage & Gloucester Festival Sail
    Sail back in time on a 1776 Cornish Lugger! Join us from Pasaia, Spain, across the Bay of Biscay, to the Gloucester Tall Ships fest. Experience history, adventure, and the allure of the open sea like never before. Book your voyage now!
    May 12 - 23
    Pasaia, SpainGloucester, United Kingdom
    € 2550
  • Irish Sea & Cornish Coast Sail Adventure
    Step Back in Time and Set sail as we head for the Irish Sea and Cornwall!
    May 27 - 31
    Gloucester, United KingdomFalmouth, United Kingdom
    € 985
  • Falmouth Classic Festival Sail
    Step aboard Grayhound and be transported to a bygone era of maritime majesty at the Falmouth Classics Festival."
    Jun 13 - 17
    Falmouth, United KingdomFalmouth, United Kingdom
    € 950
  • Cornish Coast Adventure and Sea & Salt Festival
    Embark on a Timeless Voyage Aboard a 1776 Cornish Lugger at the Sea & Salt Festival
    Jun 20 - 24
    Falmouth, United KingdomPenzance, United Kingom
    € 950
  • Isles Of Scilly Adventure
    A sailing adventure on board GRAYHOUND, exploring the breathtaking Isles of Scilly
    Jun 23 - Jul03
    Penzance, United KingomFalmouth, United Kingdom
    € 1750
  • English Channel, Brittany Coast & Brest Festival Sail
    Experience the thrill of navigating the English Channel, explore Brittany's coastline, and be part of a prestigious Maritime Festival in Brest, France.
    Jul 05 - 11
    Falmouth, United KingdomBrest, France
    € 1650
  • Smuggler's Run I
    Join this epic channel crossing from Brittany to Cornwall, delivering cargo to France in the most ecological way possible. All hands on deck!
    Jul 23 - 25
    Douarnenez, FranceFalmouth, United Kingdom
    € 615
  • Irish Sea Adventure
    An Cargo adventure on board GRAYHOUND - up the Irish Sea to the Scottish town of Troon
    Jul 27 - Aug05
    Falmouth, United KingdomTroon, United Kinkdom
    € 2245
  • Arran, Jura, Islay Expedition
    Join GRAYHOUND as we begin our Scottish adventures, sailing from Troon to Oban, past the jewel that is Jura
    Aug 07 - 13
    Troon, United KinkdomOban, UK
    € 1650
  • West Coast Island Sail
    Join GRAYHOUND as we set out to explore the Hebrides on this 5-day sail!
    Aug 16 - 20
    Oban, UKMallaig
    € 1150
  • Skye and the Inner Hebrides
    Join us on GRAYHOUND as we discover Skye and the magic of the Inner Hebrides!
    Aug 22 - 27
    € 1380
  • West Coast Island Sail II
    Set Sail on an Unforgettable Journey: Mallaig to Oban Adventure
    Aug 29 - Sep02
    MallaigOban, UK
    € 1150
  • Fingal’s Cave, Jura and Islay
    Join us on board GRAYHOUND as we sail to the singing cave… then on to Jura
    Sep 04 - 09
    Oban, UKTroon, United Kinkdom
    € 1245
  • Irish Sea and English Channel Adventure
    Sail with us from Scotland to Brittany… via Ireland, Wales and the Isle of Man and the English Channel
    Sep 11 - 18
    Troon, United KinkdomDouarnenez, France
    € 1950
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