• Irish Sea Adventure
    An Cargo adventure on board GRAYHOUND - up the Irish Sea to the Scottish town of Troon
    Jul 28 - Aug05
    Falmouth, United KingdomGreenock, United Kingdom
    Summer Sale - 10% off!!!
    € 2020€ 1818
  • Arran, Jura, Islay Expedition
    Join GRAYHOUND as we begin our Scottish adventures, sailing from Troon to Oban, past the jewel that is Jura
    Aug 08 - 13
    Greenock, United KingdomOban, UK
    € 1415
  • West Coast Island Beer cargo Sail!
    Join GRAYHOUND as we set out to explore the Hebrides on this 5-day sail!
    Aug 16 - 20
    Oban, UKMallaig
    € 1150
  • Friendcation x Grayhound: Skye and the Inner Hebrides
    Join us on GRAYHOUND as we discover Skye and the magic of the Inner Hebrides!
    Aug 22 - 27
    € 1380
  • West Coast Island Sail II
    Set Sail on an Unforgettable Journey: Mallaig to Oban Adventure
    Aug 30 - Sep02
    MallaigOban, UK
    € 920
  • Fingal’s Cave, Jura and Islay
    Join us on board GRAYHOUND as we sail to the singing cave… then on to Jura
    Sep 05 - 10
    Oban, UKBelfast, Northern Ireland
    € 1245
  • Irish Sea and English Channel Adventure
    Sail with us from Scotland to Brittany… via Ireland, Wales and the Isle of Man and the English Channel
    Sep 13 - 20
    Belfast, Northern IrelandDouarnenez, France
    Summer Sale - 10% off!!!
    € 1950€ 1755
  • Crossing Biscay Adventure
    Crossing of the epic Bay of Biscay with Grayhound
    Oct 03 - 12
    Douarnenez, FranceBayona, Spain
    € 2450
  • Spanish and Portuguese Coast Sail
    Experience the Timeless Majesty of Sailing: Baiona to Cascais and Lisbon
    Oct 15 - 22
    Baiona, SpainCascais, Portugal
    € 1850
  • Portuguese Coast Sail
    Experience Timeless Adventure: Sail Aboard a 1776 Cornish Lugger Replica Along the Portuguese Coast
    Oct 25 - 31
    Cascais, PortugalPortimão, Portugal
    € 1650
  • Southern Breeze Adventure
    Join GRAYHOUND on an Atlantic passage to the Canary Islands
    Dec 03 - 16
    Portimão, PortugalLas Palmas, Gran Canaria, Gran Canaria
    € 3325
  • Cross-Atlantic Adventure
    Set sail on a thrilling transatlantic sail, where we'll navigate by the stars, embrace the open sea, and discover the hidden gem of Tobago. Join us for an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime!
    Dec 20 - Jan17
    Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Gran CanariaCastara Bay, Tobago
    € 5963
  • Caribbean Exploration I - Tobago to St Vincent
    Live your Caribbean dream onboard Grayhound and explore the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea!
    Feb 06 - 13
    Charlotteville, Tobago, TobagoBlue Lagoon Marina, St Vincent, S:t Vincent & Grenadines
    € 2450
  • Caribbean Exploration II - Saint Vincent to St Lucia
    Explore the beauty of the Caribbean islands onboard Grayhound as we island hop around!
    Feb 17 - 24
    St. Lucia, St LuciaBlue Lagoon Marina, St Vincent, S:t Vincent & Grenadines
    € 2450
  • Caribbean Exploration III - St Lucia– Guadeloupe
    Explore the beauty of the Caribbean islands from St Lucia to Guadeloupe onboard Grayhound!
    Mar 03 - 10
    St. Lucia, St LuciaGuadeloupe, Guadeloupe
    € 2450
  • Cross-Atlantic Return to Azores
    Welcome onboard Grayhound for a long deep-sea Ocean Passage across the Atlantic to the Azores
    Mar 18 - Apr11
    Guadeloupe, GuadeloupeHorta, Azores, Azores
    € 5141
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