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Isles of Scilly Adventure III – NEW!!!

July 19 @ 14:00 - July 27 @ 11:00 CEST

  • Voyage No. 1569

  • Bristol – Isles of Scilly – Penzance

    This voyage is a great mix between an exciting open sea passage and island hopping adventure. So partly physically demanding as we sail through the night and are part of a watch teams and involved in every aspect of handling, maintaining and navigating a tall ship. Hands-on and challenging. Once island hopping it will be more relaxed as we launch the gigs and discover the sandy beaches and enjoy the, hopefully, starry nights.

    As we leave the busy harbour of Bristol we hoist the sails, set some reefs and steer our way down the Bristol Channel. Soon we head out in the Celtic Sea and sail by the historically infamous pirate/smugglers island of Lundry. After about a fortnight sail we reach the wonderful Isles of Scilly with its it’s sub-tropical climate. Making it ideal for a wide range of flora and fauna. Many migrating birds has the Scillies as a favourite stop-over. The sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and dramatic nature invites us for a proper adventure. It’s strategic position has served as an important maritime area throughout history. Also for privateers and smuggling luggers like Grayhound back in the 17th century!

    The weather will dictate our cruise from island to island. The unpredictable whims of the winds and tides will tell us where we go. Sailing between them is hands-on and you will be part of the watch teams helping to navigate from island to island. There are great chances of spotting beautiful sea animals like sharks, dolphins, puffins and seals. We will drop anchor by sandy white beaches, rocky sea cliffs and secluded coves. The crystalclear waters and the, hopefully, mild and sunny weather will invite you for a swim or a row ashore and have a relaxed beach stroll. Or a hike to one of the many historical sites and learn more about the rich and dramatic history and archaeology of the Scillies. As we ease into the more simple and peaceful way of life we might enjoy a beer or two onboard or head for the beach and make a barbecue with fresh locally grown food as the sun sets.

    After some adventurous days hopping from island to island we once again head out to the open  sea. Once again you will be fully involved in setting sails, reefing, trimming, jibing and steering as we make our way through the waves of the Irish Sea towards the mainland. After 10-12 hrs and about 30 miles we will reach the beautiful rugged coast of Cornwall. The historically ridden town of Penzance will be a welcome sight.

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    July 19 @ 14:00 CEST
    July 27 @ 11:00 CEST
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    Grayhound Ventures
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    Princes Wharf
    Bristol, BS1 6UD United Kingdom
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