What’s in a voyage?

We believe in adventures. Be it big or small. Our voyages range from try-out Day Sails in beautiful archipelagos and pub-hopping Canal Cruises, to exciting Cargo Deliveries and physically challenging Adventure Sails. Listed below are the different categories of voyages in order of physical challenge and what to expect from them. The voyages are rated by Physical Challenge Rating, PCR, from 1-5, where 1 is easy and 5 more challenging. You are welcome to contact us if you are unsure if a voyage is suitable for you.

Day Sail

Join the Grayhound crew for a day of hands-on sailing where you will take part in the ship’s daily routines. You will learn about how to sail a traditional 18th century tall ship while enjoying beautiful archipelagos. Depending on the winds we will visit some of the historical landmarks on the islands. We weigh anchor in the morning, see where the winds take us, have a delicious meal at sea, and are back in harbour in the evening. These trips are perfect try-outs if you are curious to join longer voyages with Grayhound but are unsure if it is for you. 
PCR: 1/5 

Canal Cruise

On these voyages we pass through a famous shipping canal. Usually partly man-built they are rigged with history and amazing nature. As we slowly glide along either by sail or motor we visit historic sites, cosy pubs and admire beautiful scenery. We have a tasty dinner by anchor and a drink or two at the local pubs in the evenings. 
PCR: 2/5 

Fjord Discovery

Discovering fjords and deep waterways. Usually these trips are about 3-5 days. We hoist sails if possible. Breathtaking landscapes and dramatic nature surround us on all sides. We make overnight stays by anchor and visit smaller towns on our way.
PCR 3/5

Coastal Exploration

On Coastal Explorations we sail along beautiful coastlines seeing natural wonders and famous local sites. Some days we sail through the nights and some nights are spent at anchor in a beautiful calm bay. You will be involved in most aspects of navigating and servicing the ship as well as exploring inlets and fjords in our rowing gigs.
PCR: 4/5

Island Hopping 

Islands are by their nature historically part of traditional sail routes. Filled with history and stories and fascinating nature. Cruising from island to island we will go ashore to learn more about the local history. Sailing between them is hands-on and you will be part of the watch teams helping to navigate from island to island. 
PCR 4/5

Cargo Delivery

You will not get closer than this to experiencing the life of traditional sailing. You will be part of an eco-cargo delivery of wine, beer, clothes or other dry merchandise. We load and unload the ship by hand. This is full, hands-on sailing as we go from one port to another. You need to be physically fit and in good health. If we deliver beer or wine you will of course have a chance to taste the goods!
PCR: 5/5

Adventure Sail

These voyages are usually even more physically demanding. We sail for at least a week across larger open seas (Atlantic, North Sea, Bay of Biscay and more). You will be part of a watch team and involved in every aspect of handling, maintaining and navigating a tall ship. Hands-on and challenging. 
PCR: 5/5

What is included

On all our voyages you will be provided with wet weather gear, life jacket and bed linen and three meals of nutritious and healthy food a day. Not to mention an unforgettable experience, new skills, and a calm mind. Basically All Inclusive. However there are a few things that you need to arrange before and bring as you set sail with us. Please read through our FAQs and Terms & Conditions for more information and making a booking with us.

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