We believe in cooperation with like-minded people and initiatives. Through mutual support and promotion, we make each others’ missions possible. We are proud and grateful to be associated with the following organisations.   

Crowd Cookware

By hacking the industry through Kickstarter, Crowd Cookware creates chef-grade cookware affordable to everyone.


Ocean Born

An international grant-giving organisation with the goal of bringing competitive products to market while ensuring they are produced with the least environmental impact possible. All profits (100%) are given out as grants to projects dedicated to ocean clean-up and conservation.


Ocean Beer

A tasty and sustainably-produced beer. All profits go towards ocean clean-up and conservation projects, via the Ocean Born Foundation.


Sail Cargo Alliance

Sail Cargo Alliance

An alliance of organisations who share a passion for sail-shipped cargo, working together with shared ethics to create a healthy transport culture that promotes the preservation of the environment for future generations.


Classic Sailing

Travel agency for adventurous, hands-on, traditional tall ship and small ship sailing holidays.


Venture Sail

Offers a variety of sailing holidays, from tall ship sailing to expedition yacht charters and wildlife watching. All whilst exploring stunning locations around the world!


Sjö & Hav/Sea & Sea

A company delivering a range of unique products for outdoor use for body care and general cleaning. Their products are as environmentally friendly as possible. Biodegradable quality products suitable for outdoor use, so that you can experience nature without leaving any human traces. 


Guild of Ships

The all-in-one tool to manage your passengers and voyages. GOS is an advanced, safe, simple-to-use booking system. It builds trust and community in the sailing ship sector. Help Promote wind-powered travel to the world.


New Dawn Traders

ONEW DAWN TRADERS is an experimental business. We trade in wild ideas and delicacies, working with sailing cargo vessels to import produce from across the Atlantic Ocean and along European coastlines pollution-free.


It was a marvellous experience, with great food, great people and even a storm to spice things up. Highly recommended!

Gabriel Alheja, July 2022
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